About us

The company was established in 1989 as a private initiative of people operating in the sector of broadly defined road traffic engineering. Initially known as Przedsibiorstwo Drg i Urzdze Bezpieczestwa Ruchu ?DUBR? Sp. z o. o., and then renamed into Przedsibiorstwo ?DUBR? Sp. z o. o. in 2002, the company is a manufacturer and installer of vertical and horizontal road signs as well as other road safety devices. Throughout the following years we have been developing our business, gaining recognition among investors and becoming one of the leading companies of the sector in Poland.

Currently, the main scope of our business are services in scope of broadly defined road traffic engineering., which include, among other things, horizontal and vertical traffic signs, road traffic safety devices, as well as executing designs of temporary and final road traffic organisation. Our company is proud to have performed punctually and reliably numerous project across Poland and other countries, which is confirmed by a long reference list.

Our headquarters is located in Kielce, at dzka Street, with the office buildings as well as the manufacturing plant of vertical road signs and repair workshops. In addition, we own the warehouse and equipment depot along with office building, located at Witosa Street in Kielce.

Our offer range includes:

  • Execution of horizontal thin-layer road signs by means of paint spraying method
  • Execution of horizontal thick-layer road signs by means of hot-applied thermoplastic, chemically hardened agents and spray-plast
  • Execution of horizontal road signs with prefabricated tapes
  • Anti-skid treatment and rubber removal of roads and runways
  • Removing signs and cleaning of roads without damaging surfaces by using the cutting-edge water technology
  • Manufacturing of vertical road signs (standard and reflective) as well as road traffic safety devices
  • Making of town and street name signs
  • Complex management of issues related to road traffic engineering
  • Execution of temporary changes of the road traffic organization (design included)
  • Fitting and installation of horizontal road signs and safety measures of road works.

We guarantee:

  • Specialized equipment for horizontal and vertical signs
  • Thorough experience in realising projects
  • Highly qualified personnel
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