Anti-skid treatment and rubber removal

Rubber removal at airports
One of the major issues at airport runways is rubber deposition and resulting deterioration of grip for landing planes. Our company offers the complex services of rubber and marking removal from runways. We employ water technology with a material collection system.

Our equipment allows to perform works with high quality, punctuality and optimally in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness. We employ a highly-trained personnel with adequate certifications for sign removal works at airports. Technologies used for such works are environmentally friendly and they do not litter cleaned surfaces. The machine may be driven off the airport apron in not more than five minutes, which allows to conduct works during the day.

The cleaned surfaces enables plane landing immediately after the works are finished and no further cleaning is necessary. The technology used makes no damage to poured sealing compound between airport concrete slabs.
In all our works we use equipment that is the property of DUBR company.

Our personnel comprises highly qualified professionals. In addition, we guarantee excellent work organisation and safety.

Anti-skid treatment of surface
When the existing road surfaces fail to meet the SRT coarseness parameters, it is possible to restore it by using the ?Waterblasting Stripe-Hog? machine.

project and realization: