Marking removal and cleaning

The successful removal of horizontal signs means to remove it without damaging the asphalt or concrete surface. Until recently, elimination of thermoplastic and chemically hardened markings was not easy, as their hardness and wear resistance are nearly as good as that of asphalt.

Additional difficulty is posed by pores in asphalt structure ? extremely difficult to clean with traditional methods of marking removal (milling and blast cleaning).
The modern water technology eliminates the problem, as small drops of water penetrate even the tiniest pores and remove markings without damaging asphalt or concrete surface.

Another advantage of this technology is a waste collection system, which allows for road marking immediately after drying of the humid surface.
It is possible to set the width of removed or cleaned surface in the range of 10-72cm.
In terms of efficiency, this technology is far superior to other ones.


  • Paint - up to 4300rm(running metres)/h
  • Thermoplast - up to 1800rm/h
  • Components - up to 2200rm/h
  • 3M tape - up to 1900rm/h
  • Concrete milk - up to 5600rm/h
  • Rubber - up to 5200rm/h
  • Pre-paint cleaning - up to 7000rm/h
  • Surface washing - up to 7000rm/h

Cleaning speed and other parameters are selected by highly qualified operators and adjusted to specific surface and type of removed material.

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