Other Road Traffic Safety Devices (BRD)

Our range of products includes other road traffic safety devices, such as:

  • road separators
  • galvanized inter-road net fences
  • energy/impact absorbing shields and screens
  • pedestrian islands
  • hectametric posts
  • speed humps
  • mirrors
  • spot reflective elements
  • other

Road separators are made of white and red polyethylene. It is possible to fill them with water or sand. They are used in road and bridge works for temporary alteration of traffic, in particular to separate lanes and enclosing traffic excluded areas. They are connected in series by means of an insert connector.

Energy/Impact shields and screens
are advanced devices that reduce consequences of hitting road objects by vehicles. These are active safety devices, the same as devices which are in contact with vehicles during collision.

Segment pedestrian islands
are the road traffic safety component, made of rubber granulate. It is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and also quick and easy to install. The edges are taped with reflective tape which improves night visibility. Its segmental construction allows to obtain required size.

Speed humps
are highly effective in reducing vehicle speed in particularly dangerous areas.

Convex road mirrors
with increased observation angle are used in places, where structures such as buildings, posts, trees, etc., that are located near roads, limit drivers? visibility.

Spot reflective
? a reflective element for horizontal marking of roads. They significantly increase road traffic efficiency, direction orientation and safety of drivers.

Road users notice the advantages of this technology, one of which is improved visibility of traffic lane in rain and fog. Drivers have much more time to react, even while travelling at the speed of 90km/h.

project and realization: www.amill.pl