Thin-layer horizontal road signs

Technologies for horizontal marking, materials and applications.

The thin-layer horizontal signs are applications made with paint, the layer of which is 0.3-0.8 mm.

Acrylic paints have the properties of short drying, good adhesion to and coating of surfaces. They come in white, yellow and red colours.
High roughness acrylic paints are mainly used at civil and military airports as well as for structures in towns, without glass microballs.
Water-soluble paints for over-bound surfaces, where white colour may be changed into rusty orange. To best suit customers? needs, we use paints of such manufacturers as: Bandax, Navigator or Kontur as well as the glass microballs made by Interminglass, Sovitec or Swarco. All materials are technically approved for use on the Polish market.

  • we have one of the largest equipment depot in Poland for making of thin-layer road marking
  • we perform an ongoing supervision of executed projects in scope of works and main parameters of painting machines
  • we make more than 1 000 000sqm of horizontal marking per year
  • our project and work are highly assessed by investors.

Thanks to our experience and equipment we are ready to undertake even the most difficult and complicated tasks.

project and realization: